Gamma Ethernet Outage – 02/04/2019 17:08

Connectivity for Ethernet services remains stable since the return to service at 12:15pm. Our engineers will continue into the evening to complete a hardware replacement ensuring further stability and root cause analysis is also being worked on with our vendor to confirm the reason for the disruption to service today. An interim RFO will be… Read more »

Gamma Ethernet Outage – 02/04/2019 14:28

Ongoing monitoring of the network confirms that connectivity to Ethernet services remains stable with continued reports of a successful return to service. We will continue to monitor closely and a further update will be provided before 5 pm on residual planned activity to fully mitigate any further risk of disruption.

Gamma Ethernet Outage – 02/04/2019 12:35

As a result of remedial steps taken with onsite support within our Data Centre, we can advise that we have monitored the restoration of services from approximately 12:15pm. Our monitoring and initial checks do indicate stability and we are requesting customers to re-test their connectivity. A further update on our next steps will be provided.

Gamma Ethernet Outage – 02/04/2019 12:12

Gamma engineers continue to work with vendor support within our Data Centre and a Gamma engineer has been dispatched to the data centre. The estimated time of arrival of the Gamma engineer is by 1pm. Our current estimate is that following remedial action onsite by Gamma engineers we would expect to see the majority of… Read more »

Gamma Ethernet Outage – 02/04/2019 11:03

Ethernet Incident Details – 1149009 02/04/2019 11:03 We are aware of a potential issue impacting access services this morning. Our engineers are fully engaged and are investigating the issues as priority. Next update due by 1130am.

Gamma Horizon Issues – Corporate Directory

The issue relating to “Corporate directory” only affected Polycom and Yealink handset earlier, Cisco and Softclients were unaffected. As of 12:18 all Polycom devices are now working normally and we continue to investigate the Yealink handsets. A further update will be provided before 3PM.

Gamma Horizon Issues – Corporate Directory

The issues with call quality, failure and registration issues has been resolved. An issue remains on the Corporate directory lookups failing, the phone can display ‘Directory Server not Responding”. Our engineering teams can replicate the issue and are investigating the cause and resolution. A further update will be provided by 1PM or earlier if any… Read more »

Gamma Horizon Issues – Corporate Directory

Our engineering teams are still actively working to understand the root cause but we have had confirmation from some customers that services have improved after 9:30, while most were positive not all were fully resolved at the time. Our last alert was at 9:55 and we are asking those affected prior to 9:55 to confirm… Read more »