Horizon Incident – Issued: 17/05/2019 11:00

Further to the previous updates, all services are now behaving as expected. Our engineers are continuing to monitor the service closely but no further issues are expected. This notification will be left open until 4 pm and then closed.

Horizon Incident – Issued: 17/05/2019 09:54

We continue to monitor the network servers and registration attempts and services remain stable. If you are still experiencing any issues with handsets registering, please reboot your CPE and contact the service desk if the issue is not resolved. At the moment we are still aware of some residual errors when logging into the Horizon… Read more »

Horizon Incident – Issued: 16/05/2019 19:52

Further to the last update, we have monitored the network servers and registration attempts and these are now at expected levels with no errors. Our Engineering team will continue monitoring throughout the night and a further update will be provided at 10am tomorrow.

Horizon Incident – Issued: 16/05/2019 16:05

Further to the last update services have started to recover since 15.40 customers should start to see registration recover gradually over the afternoon. We are monitoring the restoration and a further update will be published within the next 60 minutes.

Horizon Incident – Issued: 16/05/2019 15:10

As a result of the earlier recovery process we have started to receive reports of some further handset registration issues, which result in the handsets displaying Error 500. In addition, some users may experience issues when logging into or utilising the Horizon softclient. Our engineering team are currently in discussion with the vendor to establish… Read more »

Horizon Incident – 16/05/2019 14:06

Further to earlier updates, we have seen usual levels of Horizon traffic across our network as of 13:30 pm and customer reports indicate that services have been restored. Monitoring of service will continue throughout the day. Gamma Portal – Some users may continue to experience issues accessing the Gamma Portal however we expect full portal… Read more »

Horizon Incident – 16/05/2019 13:14

Issued: 16/05/2019 13:14 We have had some Horizon users regain service following a Broadband Router reboot (power recycle) and a handset reboot and we are advising for all customers affected to reboot their router and Horizon Handset. We will update you by 14:00 or sooner should information become available

Horizon Incident – 16/05/2019 13:00

Issued: 16/05/2019 13:00 We are currently experiencing an issue. Customers are reporting that they are unable to access the Gamma Portal, Horizon Gui and we have some Horizon users with no service. Our engineers are engaged and working to resolve the issue. We have had some Horizon users regain service and we are advising for… Read more »