How VoIP can make a real-world difference for businesses

Whether you are a one-man band, an SMB or a large nationwide organisation, VoIP can make a real difference to your business thinking about real-world scenarios can help you understand how. Let’s say you are an electrician just starting out. You want to cover three local towns. With VoIP, you can have local numbers in… Read more »

It’s never been easier to switch broadband suppliers

With great broadband offers available like those from Plusnet (see here) it’s worth restating that it is now very easy for you to switch broadband suppliers. Since June this year, all you have had to do is sign-up with your new chosen supplier, who will then inform your current and soon-to-be ‘old’ supplier that you… Read more »

Is time running out on your PBX contract?

Most businesses that still have a PBX will have it on lease contract with built-in maintenance cover. Typically, these will run for three- or five-year terms. As we near the end of 2015, some of these contracts will be running out, forcing businesses to make a choice; stick with the old technology or upgrade to… Read more »

What could you do with double, triple or quadruple your broadband speed?

It’s not exaggerating to claim that virtually every business depends on their internet connection these days. Without email for example, most businesses could not function properly for very long. Businesses use the web to place and manage orders, to conduct research on potential customers and to find out about products and services. Many of us… Read more »

Romford named capital for business start-ups

We always knew it and not it’s been confirmed; Romford is the start-up capital of Britain (see Evening Standard article). Figures from business data firm Experian showed 6,188 new businesses setting up in Cloud Telephone’s home town last year – that’s a ‘start-up rate’ of 22%, which is the highest in the UK. Romford may… Read more »

Why the CMA’s green light for the BT and EE merger is good news

The news that the Competition and Markets Authority has provisionally cleared the £12.5bn merger between BT and EE (see report here and various others) should be positive news for businesses and consumers in the UK. The deal is being allowed to go ahead as it is not expected to result in a substantial lessening of competition. In… Read more »

Pressure on regulation should ultimately give you more fibre choices

The recent calls for BT to be completely separated from the Openreach infrastructure business, (see coverage from the FT and Digital Europe and many others) might or might not lead to some changes being made to the rules that control what parts of the UK’s communications network other firms can access and use in Ofcom’s… Read more »