VoIP Phone System


VoIP phones are telephone handsets that you can use with your voice over IP service. You can make and take calls on a VoIP phone, just as you would with an ordinary analogue PSTN handset. They can have specific numbers allocated to them or users can log onto any VoIP phone with their own unique number, so they can always be reached, wherever they are.

Key features of most VoIP phone Systems:

  • Caller display, re-dial, transfer, hold/resume, call forwarding, caller list, voicemail, and more
  • Fixed feature keys for one-touch access to key functions
  • Programmable keys for frequently-used numbers/features
  • Two-way speakerphone
  • Built-in conferencing capability (video supported on advanced models )
  • Display screen –  colour and touch-enabled on high-end models
  • Power over Ethernet – no AC power connection required
  • WiFi connectivity – on higher-end models
  • Headset port and / or Bluetooth connectivity (for wireless headsets)

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