Business VoIP

VoIP – the benefits for your businesses

Whilst you may feel that your existing business phone system does its job, a new VoIP system could do so much more – and save you money. So, why switch? Here are six good reasons you should:

Follow me anywhere – with VoIP, your number can follow you, so you and your staff can always be available at anytime, wherever you have an Internet connection, on the same number. And it is easy to set up call forwarding to mobile and home numbers too

Move, add, and change users anytime – you can easily add new users, set up new numbers, move users between locations or teams – in minutes

Monitor and manage calls easily – you can monitor call volumes and durations and see all the details in regular reports. You can record calls easily too

Improve service levels – you can set-up auto-attendant systems and route calls to the right team or person, and use voicemail to improve your responsiveness and customer service

Integrate and collaborate – you can integrate VoIP with your CRM systems, so staff have customer information at their fingertips when calls come in, and set up conference calls and collaborative sessions

Manage your costs – many VoIP calls come free as part of the package. National and international calls are dramatically cheaper and there is no need for staff working remotely to use mobiles to make calls. You are in control and you always know what your telecoms are costing you

There are many other reasons why you should seriously consider VoIP. Getting it all set up and working is easy and can be done very quickly and without any need to rip out or install any new lines.

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