Hosted VoIP

The latest in enterprise phone technology combines voice & data to reduce rentals and save 40% on calls.

VoIP is a fully integrated managed telephone service delivered using next-generation IP technology. It offers lower cost calls between you and your customers, wherever they maybe, plus the added benefit of free calls between hosted VoIP users.

For organisations with multiple sites, or with home workers, hosted VoIP allows one company phone system to integrate all your people. The service is monitored 24/7 as well as being fully resilient and geographically redundant.

Low cost calls – calls to the BT National and International network are at a lower cost with free calls to other hosted VoIP users

Never miss a call – if a destination is unreachable, calls are automatically forwarded to a pre-configured alternative device

Resilience – the hosted VoIP network is location and system resilient Expandable – spread across multiple sites easily and efficiently, with inter-office extension number dialling as standard

Easy to use – hosted VoIP services are “plug and go” with pre-configured phones shipped as standard

Keep existing numbers – all existing numbers can be ported