Akixi Hosted Call Management

Do you know how many calls you are getting?
Do you know how they are being handled or who is handling them?

Whether you are managing telephony resources where each call you receive is genuinely important to you or have a formal Call Centre where call handling is mission critical, Akixi is now able to deliver a comprehensive reporting service that will enable you to accomplish your service level objectives with the following benefits:

No server on site – supports multi-site monitoring and business continuity

Real-time stats – Provides wall boards with real-time traffic information and alarms to ensure critical routes into the business are monitored

Accessible from any internet-enabled device – Use the service via traditional desktop devices or monitor on the go through your mobile

Push reporting and alarms – Customisable push reporting and alarms to ensure business-critical metrics are always available

Cradle-to-grave reporting – Monitor a call throughout its path by seeing every divert leg and call detail accurately segmented for identification

Track after-hours calls – for suspicious activity or unauthorised calling

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