Internet Failover

Your business relies on its internet connection, so losing it, even briefly, can be a major problem – no Internet means no email, no web and in many cases no work and no phones.

Cloud Telephones Internet failover will provide automatic connection to the 3/4G data network for basic Internet Connectivity from just £2/pm (plus initial dongle and SIM purchase and setup). This will allow your business to browse the web, connect to any Cloud Services Portals such as Microsoft 365 email, CRM apps and allow your business to stay connected.

Our solution includes a M2M (Machine to Machine) dedicated data SIM at a nominal cost. You only incur data charges when the failover is activated rather than paying for a data allowance you may never require.

A UK roaming SIM is also available.This will connect to any available UK network, O2, Vodaphone, EE and 3, adding further resilience to your Internet Failover solution.

The Internet Failover package includes:

  • 4G Data SIM
  • ZTE 4G MF823 dongle
  • If your current router does not support 3G/4G we recommend the Zyxel Router VMG8924-B10A

The SIM is placed in the dongle, which is inserted into the USB port of the Zyxel Router

Contact us for further details and costs

Please note that this system cannot replicate your existing network configuration and IPs. Services such as SBS Email or Hosted VoIP will not be active through this connection. (However, Hosted VoIP can failover to mobile). Internet connectivity is only available when the router can connect to the 3G/4G data network. We recommend you verify the suitability of the data network where the router is to be located prior to purchase. Due to the variable nature of the data signals connectivity cannot be guaranteed.