Generic Ethernet Access (GEA)

GEA is a new Ethernet variant delivered over the 21CN BT Network. It delivers uncontended, Layer 2, Ethernet services and comes in two flavours with various speed and contention options. The service is designed to deliver low cost, high bandwidth performance – and we are able to offer one of the widest portfolios of Ethernet services in the UK.

Built on VDSL technology, GEA delivers a cost effective solution to SME businesses with speeds ranging from 1Mb to 20Mb synchronous.
As GEA is an uncontended service as standard, we can provide full end to end CoS, to prioritise various layers of traffic to MEF 14 compliance.

  • Highly Reliable – Ethernet services are highly reliable and utilise leading edge IP and NGN technology to get the very best out of your new connection. Your connection is monitored and proactively managed 24 hours a day, every day.
  • Cost effective – We work closely with all major UK carriers to ensure an unbeatable price anywhere in the UK.
  • Performance – Only the best quality transit, routing equipment and latency will be employed across the Ethernet services, giving you the best routes and low latency to any part of the world.
  • 20Mbps Uncontended Upload and Download from just £249 per month