BT Mobile Express

BT MobileXpress is a secure remote access solution aimed at global enterprises and organisations. It is a key component of flexible working, allowing employees, partners, contractors and customers to continue to work and access corporate data wherever they are. It allows you to work more productively, respond to customers quicker, save time, save travel costs and keeps you operating effectively.

Key Features of the BT MobileXpress application:

  • Integrated Wi-Fi login simplifying connection to hotspots
  • Searchable online mapping function to provide hotspot locations
  • Auto-Connect function to automate login within a suitable hotspot
  • Notification functions to play sounds or vibrate the device when you login and logout of the BT MobileXpress service
  • Local history to provide users with a view on recent connections
  • The application has an inbuilt feedback function

Download PDF Guide for iPhone

Download PDF Guide for iPad

Download PDF Guide for Android

To use BT MobileXpress on your laptop you will need to download and install the client software – click here