Gamma Horizon issues – what we saw, what we did and the impact on customers

From James Rochester, Business Development Executive, Gamma Horizon Once again Gamma would like to apologise for the service issues we saw yesterday. What follows is a brief statement on what we saw, what we did, the impact on customers and what have done since and are doing. We have previously seen good stability across this platform,… Read more »

Gamma Horizon Network Update 18:19PM

We have completed remaining changes to the Horizon network and we have seen normal service and traffic levels resume as of 17:48. For any customers with ongoing issues we kindly request they reboot their Horizon handsets, for any ongoing issues please contact the relevant support team for further diagnostics. There are reports of Horizon Portal… Read more »

Gamma Horizon Network Update 17:10PM

We have now monitored a marked change in the recovery progress, following a configuration change to our SBCs, which has further stabilised the Horizon service.  We are receiving reports from customers that handsets are registering and inbound and outbound calls are being made successfully.  The recovery is still underway, however and a further update will… Read more »

Gamma Horizon Network Update 16:38PM

The issues with registration continues to improve and is a good indicator that the Horizon platform is stabilising, although not completely resolved for all customers. Some registered handsets are not fully operational and although now registered could be unresponsive, or have audio issues on calls. Our teams continue to investigate all options to restore full… Read more »

Gamma Horizon Network Update 15:55PM

There are a number of customers that remain affected by the registration issues, although we have seen the issue resolved for some, this is not the case for all customers. Our engineering teams continue to work closely with our technology partners attempting a number of changes to work towards a full restoration. We apologise for… Read more »

Gamma Horizon Network Update 15:22PM

After performing some changes on core equipment we have seen a significant uplift in the number of handsets successfully registering from approximately 14:50. The issue is ongoing and a number of customers remain affected, we are continuing to work on the incident as a priority. There are additional works planned over the next 30 minutes… Read more »

Gamma Horizon Network Update 14:50PM

We continue to prioritise this incident and work toward full restoration for those customers that remain affected. We apologise for the ongoing disruption and we will provide a further update in 30 minutes.

Gamma Horizon Network Update 14:13PM

We have now taken further action with our technology partner to further stabilise the Horizon service and we expect to start to see an improvement on the ability for customers to make and receive calls consistently by 15:00. We have also increased performance on the Horizon portal, which should increase availability of the portal for… Read more »