How VoIP can make a real-world difference for businesses


Whether you are a one-man band, an SMB or a large nationwide organisation, VoIP can make a real difference to your business thinking about real-world scenarios can help you understand how.

Let’s say you are an electrician just starting out. You want to cover three local towns. With VoIP, you can have local numbers in each one with all calls directed to your home office or mobile number. If you are working and can’t pick up, the voicemail will. This means you need never miss a call from a new customer and you can respond quickly.

Imagine you run a marketing agency with a dozen staff. Your biggest client asks you to help with a major event but it will mean maybe eight of your staff off-site that week. In the interim, an important prospect you’ve been chasing for some time asks you to run a telesales campaign – but it has to happen the same week at the big expo, and you’ll need someone in the office to oversee the project.

With VoIP, you can simply hire the temps you’ll need, set them up as new VoIP users and get them on the phones. After the job is done, you can simply close down those lines.  All the while, staff working off-site will have been available on their normal numbers.

If you are a nationwide business and for some reason – planned or unplanned – you suddenly need to move more personnel between locations, staff can be temporarily relocated immediately, without any disruption to communications – and moved back again just as easily. Full management information will be available on calls made and received, so costs can be allocated accurately.

Whatever kind of business you are in, VoIP can help you become more efficient, versatile and responsive.