Five questions you need to ask before you decide on a business VoIP service

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If you have decided to make the switch over to VoIP for your business, you will need to select a service and supplier. There are a few fundamental questions you can ask yourself that will make the process easier.

1 – Do you have the right kind of broadband connection?

Chances are you’ll have enough bandwidth already. If you use the connection all the time for email, web browsing and for cloud services, and in particular, video streaming, you may need a faster connection.

2 – Do you have the internal network and infrastructure?

Again, the answer should be ‘yes’; your data network should be able to take the small additional overhead that VoIP will generate. If you are looking to use VoIP across WiFi, it is definitely worth checking that the connections are stable enough.

3- What sort of call plan will I need?

Do you expect to make only local or national calls, or mainly calls to mobiles and international numbers? There will be different call plans available and it is worth thinking in advance about exactly what you will need.

4 – What features will I need?

Most business VoIP services offer a rich array of functions – everything from call-forwarding to recording and full management reporting. You can set up localised numbers and re-route calls to a central point and redirect calls to home numbers or mobiles.  It is worth giving some thought to exactly which features might benefit your business before talking to prospective suppliers.

5 – What will your needs be in the future?

You should make sure the service is future-proof and can be adapted and changed to suit your changing circumstances. Flexibility is one of the main benefits of VoIP for businesses, so you should be able to add or remove users, change numbers and call plans and so on, as and when you need to.