It’s never been easier to switch broadband suppliers

Man's hand with finger on light switch, about to turn off the lights. Closeup of hand and switch only. Horizontal format.

With great broadband offers available like those from Plusnet (see here) it’s worth restating that it is now very easy for you to switch broadband suppliers. Since June this year, all you have had to do is sign-up with your new chosen supplier, who will then inform your current and soon-to-be ‘old’ supplier that you are switching.

This system is much better than the old one which required you to obtain a MAC code – a migration authorisation code – off your old broadband supplier before you could switch to a rival service. Some suppliers would drag their heels and make it a difficult or complicated process – or try and persuade you not to move by enticing you with new offers.

Now though, it is much easier, so if you want to take advantage of great offers like Plusnet Business Broadband Fibre Unlimited for only £10 per month for the first year (£33 per month thereafter) on a 24-month contract, it is easy. To find out more, about switching broadband suppliers, contact Cloud Telephones on 01708 776 001.