Is time running out on your PBX contract?


Most businesses that still have a PBX will have it on lease contract with built-in maintenance cover. Typically, these will run for three- or five-year terms. As we near the end of 2015, some of these contracts will be running out, forcing businesses to make a choice; stick with the old technology or upgrade to the latest IP-based voice services.

If you are one of those businesses, it is easy to see why you might have decided to keep your PBX at the time; it worked and you knew you could trust it. Hosted VoIP would have seemed like a relatively complicated and untested option.

Today however, VoIP is a proven technology and the additional flexibility, responsiveness and extensive features and capabilities it offers are well understood and recognised. Hundreds of thousands of UK businesses make use of hosted voice to run their organisations more efficiently, and cost-effectively. VoIP services are, quite simply, better than old-style PBX-based telephony and also much cheaper to run.

They are future-proofed as well, so businesses can protect their investment and stay competitive. Technology moves fast today and you need to be able to move with it. Signing-up to a contract that will tie you into a legacy technology for several years just isn’t a good option any more.

Now is the time to make the switch to IP-based voice services; the alternative of signing up to a contract that will tie you to a technology that will, in another three or five years, be almost obsolete, is much less attractive.

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