What could you do with double, triple or quadruple your broadband speed?


It’s not exaggerating to claim that virtually every business depends on their internet connection these days. Without email for example, most businesses could not function properly for very long. Businesses use the web to place and manage orders, to conduct research on potential customers and to find out about products and services. Many of us also plan and book travel arrangements and hotels online – and run our business banking and credit accounts via websites.

Over the next few years, this dependency is going to increase as more businesses make use of hosted and cloud services that allow them to be more flexible and dynamic in the way they do business, and reduce costs. We are all making use these services because they are fast, flexible, and convenient. And with today’s higher speed fibre connectivity, cloud-based and hosted services really are viable, so they are going to become much more prevalent.

Fibre broadband can give you speeds of up to 76Mbps and that’s more than enough to run several hosted voice lines and cloud applications, as well as email and web access. It is also now incredibly affordable; our latest offer on Plusnet Business Broadband Fibre Unlimited, for example, costs only £10 per month for the first year and £33 per month thereafter on a 24-month contract. That’s tremendous value and with the extra bandwidth it will give you, perhaps double, triple or quadruple what you can get from your current ADSL connection, it is well worth stepping up to fibre.

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