BT’s continued success shows it’s getting something right for businesses


You may have seen that BT recently announced revenue of £4.38bn for the quarter ending 30 September 2015, beating the City’s expectations. This was a 2% increase in the previous quarter and BT said it was driven mainly by increased income from broadband and TV.

While a lot of the media focus is on the huge amounts being spent by BT and its competitors for the rights to screen major sports, what these results also show is that BT is getting something right for businesses too.

BT is continuing to roll-out its UK fibre network and says that more than 24 million premises now have access to faster services, and the number is growing every week. Five million businesses are and homes are already connected with fibre and thousands of companies are upgrading every week, as they look to do more online, adopting technologies such as hosted VoIP and cloud services to drive lower costs and improved business efficiency.

There are some 19.6 million customers (60 percent of which are businesses) connected to the Openreach broadband network in the UK, and if you are one of the 14 million that has not yet made the switch to fibre, we’d encourage you to find out more about the benefits. One of our team of experts will be only too happy to help you assess the options and work out what’s best for your business.

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