UK Internet access connections will mushroom to 125 million in 2019

The UK Internet access market will mushroom to 124.7 million connections by 2019, according to a recent presentation by Barclays quoting figures from BMI Research. The figure will have already reached 90 million this year, a 13% increase on 2014, and annual growth will be over 9% on average for the next four years. While many of these subscriptions are for wireless access (i.e the data portion of mobile phone contracts), it just shows how massive and healthy the market is in the UK.

The presentation also highlights the competitive nature of the fixed broadband connection market. Four players – BT, Sky, Virgin and TalkTalk – dominate here with a collective share of 90% and the research (from Buddecomm Telecoms) also notes that subscription prices have fallen sharply, with residential services now available at under £10 per month. It also notes that more than 50% of households taking more than one service i.e. broadband plus voice, TV and mobile.

“On the face of it, this is all good news for consumers and perhaps for businesses too”, says John Carter, managing director of Cloud Telephones. “But there are some potential problems as well look ahead, especially for SMBs. We are all becoming more dependent on our broadband connection, but the intense competition means that prices are being pared to the bone.

“While most broadband services run smoothly most of the time, cutting costs will also mean cutting some corners and whilst it might not be an issue for most home users to have some downtime (unless it’s in the middle of an important sporting event they want to watch of course), business can’t afford to lose their connection for more than a few minutes. This is why they should always seek out expert advice on which kind of broadband connection they need and work with a trusted, local supplier who can help them when things go wrong.”

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