Should you consider business multi-play propositions?

Some research from Buddecomm Telecoms presented by Barclays recently noted that more than 50% of households taking more than one service i.e. broadband plus voice, TV and mobile. This is clearly the way most consumers are moving now and we’re starting to see multi-play propositions being offered to businesses too.

These combine broadband with hosted voice, mobile contracts and other services. Overall cost savings will always be the main appeal, but you’ll be expected to sign-up for a couple of years.

Are they a good idea? Should you consider them? As ever, it depends on your needs. Some will undoubtedly represent very good value for some kinds of businesses. In other circumstances, they might not save you very much at all and you’d be just as well subscribing to a specific service that suits you better and does not commit you as much.

In short, you need to take expert advice – just as you should when selecting the right broadband, hosted voice or other service. Cloud Telephones can offer you specialist advice on connectivity and cloud services of all kinds, including multi-play bundles. You can to talk to one of our experts on 0844 561 6653.