Falling cost of broadband hides dangers for small businesses

A recent presentation by Barclays quoted some stunning figures UK broadband and Internet access growth. It will mushroom to 124.7 million connections by 2019, according to the figures quoted from BMI Research. Connections will have already reached 90 million this year and annual growth will be over 9% on average for the next four years.

The presentation also illustrated just how much prices had fallen, with domestic broadband now available at under £10. This may appear to be good news for consumers and businesses. But ever lower prices can also mean that costs and corners will get cut.

It might not be an issue for most home users to have some downtime (unless it’s in the middle of an important sporting event they want to watch of course), but business can’t afford to lose their connection for more than a few minutes. This is why you should always seek out expert advice on which kind of broadband connection you need and work with a trusted, local supplier who can help them when things go wrong.

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